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More About Us

The Best for Your Big Day

In 2018,  we (Heather and Rachel) met, having no clue we would one day be doing wedding and event florals all over Wisconsin, Illinois, and beyond!  

Heather started her floral career early on at the age of 15.  She immediately recognized her passion and natural aptitude for floral design and never looked back.  Rachel came into the picture later on.  She always had creative drive (drawing, painting, etc), but found her talent's true home in the floral industry in 2018 when we began working together.   

In 2020, we decided to launch Aster & Bramble and take our careers to the next level.  With our combined 20+ years of experience in the floral industry, we have expertise in fresh, dried, and artificial florals.  We have done many different stye and types of florals and work best with clients who trust in us to design and put together a floral masterpiece.


Being able to create an event that is truly yours, and has all the elements you care about, is why we started doing what we do. This passion has evolved into what we have become today—a dedicated team of event florists who can't wait to perfect your special day.  If you'll ask our clients, they'll tell you that we put our heart and soul into every event we provide florals for. With our knowledge and expertise at your disposal, you can sit back and relax knowing your floral vision is being fulfilled.

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